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What we do in life echoes in eternity...

Melina Noctua
1 August 1985
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Alright, it's MINI BIO TIME!!!

I was born in Puerto Rico to a musician father and a slightly more normal mother :cp I lived there amongst family gaining a sister (Nani) and a brother (Bivo) along the way. When I was six, we moved to GA where I grew up spending most of my time in Smyrna, GA. About a lifetime of stuff happened, and when I was in 9th grade I decided that I wanted to study architecture. I also had nurtured a desire to go to Australia since a young age, and started looking up options to combine the two. The only option I found at the school I liked at the time was to study high school IN Australia (not possible), a Hong Kong certificate (also not possible), or an IB Diploma. My sister was trying out for the program, which I had passed on a few years earlier, so I decided to try as well. I was a guinea pig of sorts coming into the program in 11th instead of 9th grade. I went on to pass with the minimum score required to get into my dream Aussie school, when reality hit, and I ended up staying in the states. I did move to Miami, FL at that time and started going to Florida International University where I've been ever since as a student of "archiTORTURE" as we lovingly call it. I passed into Upper Division and am now in Design Studio 6 7 and am looking to maybe give the Australia thing another go. Along the way, I discovered a little band I'd started liking in high school known as 30 Seconds to Mars was coming out with a new album called "A Beautiful Lie" and along with its release, I rediscovered the Universe I had been welcomed to years ago. Being a fairly antisocial person growing up, I've only ever had small groups of friends if at all. Some of them hail back to my IB days and in college I'd made a few, but with this rediscovery, I found a nice niche - a unique group of friends and acquaintances who became part of my family known as the Echelon. These days, I spend my time going to classes, planning and saving for my next 30 Seconds to Mars show, trying to figure out..MY LIFE! :cp I like to think of myself as a very open-minded, creative, and intelligent person, but I don't feel I have to debate things to a pulp to prove this and actually really dislike partaking in a debate of any sort. I love a huge variety of film and music, and I seriously have a problem with labels so don't ask me what kind of music I like. No..really, apparently I didn't know what qualified as "emo" the other day! :cp
Oh, and yes, I nearly forgot! I LOVE languages. Since I was young, I started creating one and nowadays I have three that I semi-actively work on. It is very much an intricate part of who I am, and while I am not as educated/scientific/however you want to call it as others I have met along the way (yes, there are others ;cp ) it's definitely a passion!
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